As there are some confusions about China work visa application, we collected some common questions and mistakes during visa applying process. Check out the list below for more information.

  • 1. Which type of visa do I need to apply for?
    • It depends on the purpose of your trip to China and other factors. For more information on the visa types please contact our team to find the most suitable type of visa to be issued.
  • 2. What are the procedures for applying for a visa?
    1. Apply online.  The employer logs in the system, files the application information online, and provide relevant electronic materials.
    2. Pre-review online. The accepting authority shall, within 5 working days after the submission of the materials (excluding the date of submission), carry out pre-review over the materials submitted online. The applicant shall, within 15 days after entry, apply for and get the Foreigner’s Work Permit
    3. Accept. The accepting authority department accept it or not after review.
    4. Review. After the materials are submitted for examination, the approval body shall carry out examining activities and make a decision within the required period.
    5. Decide. If the application complies with relevant conditions and standards, the approval body shall make the decision to give the administrative permit, generate the Notice for the Work Permit for Foreigners, and within 10 days after makingthe decision, deliver the for Foreigner’s Work Permit. If the application does not comply with relevant conditions or standards, the explanation shall be given
  • 3. What materials will I need when applying for a visa?
    • Please contact our consultant to see documents checklist. 
  • 4. When is the best time to apply for a visa?
    • Please apply on 1-2 months (at least 2 weeks before your planned date for landing. If you apply for it too late, you may not have enough time for the application.
  • 5. Do I have to submit my actual passport for application?
    • Yes, you must offer your original passport because the visa should be stamped on the blank page of your passport. If you need your passport every day, you can apply for 1 working day service and pick up your passport on the day of submission.
  • 6. Can I apply for an extended stay when I’m in China?
    • Aliens who are already in China holding a valid visa can apply for an extended stay at a local Public Security Bureau of county level or above. You can read Work Permit Renewal to get more useful information.
  • 7. Who qualifies to work as a foreign expert in China?
    • The term ‘foreign expert’ refers to foreign professionals who work in China in a capacity that is considered important for the country’s economic and social development – at the invitation of the Chinese government or an enterprise, institution, multinational or other organization.
    • The following foreign professionals are eligible for foreign expert status in China:
    1. Technical or management personnel – based upon specific requirements concerning agreements between governments or international organizations.
    2. Professionals specializing in education, scientific research, news media, publication, culture, art, health, sports and other fields.
    3. Senior technical or management professionals, at the level of vice-general manager or above – or a similar level.
    4. Representatives of overseas organizations or agencies, accredited by the State Bureau of Foreign Expert Affairs.
    • Professionals specializing in fields such as economics, technology, engineering, trade, finance, accounting, taxes and tourism – with special expertise that is required in China.
  • 8. Which department is in charge of these foreigners employed in China?
    • According to the Regulations on the Administration of Employment of Foreigners in China, foreigners employed in China are in the charge of the of people’s governments of provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities and the authorized prefecture-level administrative departments of labor security.
    • Foreigners here refers to: people do not have Chinese nationality in accordance with the stipulations of the nationality law of the People’s Republic of China; and the term “foreigners employed in China” here refers to the foreigners who are engaged in social labor and obtain the labor remuneration but have not obtained a residency in China in accordance with the law.
  • 9. How to Deal with those Foreigners Violating the Regulations on the Administration of Employment of Foreigners in China?
    • For the foreigners who obtain employment without application for the employment license and the employers who hire foreigners without Alien Employment License, they are violating the Regulations on the Administration of Employment of Foreigners in China, and shall be dealt by the public security organ according to the terms 44 in the Rules Governing the Implementation of the Law of the PRC on the Entry and Exit of Foreigners, that is, for those foreigners engaged in illegal employment without authorization by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security of PRC or its authorized department, at the same time of termination of their employment, a fine of less than 1,000 yuan ($162) shall be imposed; If the circumstances are serious, the said foreigners shall be ordered to leave the country within a time limit. For units and individuals who employ foreigners shall terminate employment, at the same time, shall be imposed a fine of not less than 5,000 yuan but no more than 50,000 yuan, and shall bear the full repatriating cost of the said foreigners employed without permission.
    • For those foreigners who refuse the inspection of the employment permit by administrative departments of labor security, change their employing unit and jobs or extend the period of employment without authorization, the administrative departments of labor security shall retrieve their employment permit, and submit to the public security organ to cancel their residential qualification. In the case that the authorities enforce the deportation, expenses shall be borne by the said foreigners or their employers.
  • 10. Can I apply for a visa by mail? Could you mail the passport with visa back to me?
    • No. The Chinese Embassy and Consulate General do not accept mailed visa applications, or mail
      back your application materials, or mail back your passport with the visa in it.
      Applicants may entrust others to submit visa applications or get the visas on a voluntary basis,
      and applicants should take all responsibilities arising there from.
  • 11. How to transfer my student visa to other visa?
    • You have 2 options in relation to your student visa:
      – change it to a business visa, you need to leave China to apply for a new business visa.
      – change it to a tourist visa up to 3 months, you need to have your school in Shanghai issue an application letter to the Visa Office. The application letter needs to set out your reasons for staying in China; for example you wish to apply for a period to stay in China to travel and practice the language having spent time studying it. But note it is all up to the Visa Office whether or not to grant this tourist visa.
  • 12. Do I have to go to the immigration office when apply for the Residence Permit as the first time?
    • Foreigners and their accompanying family members above 18 years old (inclusive) must go to the Chinese immigration office when apply for the Residence Permit at the first time.
  • 13. I am now in China on a Z visa and have received my residence permit. Can I leave China and come back as often as I wish?
    • You may use your residence permit (placed on your passport and similar to a visa) issued by the local public security authority to enter and exit China during the validity of the residence permit. No other visa is needed.
    • If you are a Chinese Permanent Resident Card holder, you don’t need a visa to enter China during the validity of your Permanent Resident Card.
  • 14. What is the difference between the duration of stay and period of validity of a visa?
    • Duration of stay refers to the longest period the visa holder is allowed to stay in China from the date of entry into China on each visit.
    • The holder of a visa is eligible to enter China at any time prior to the expiry of its period of validity (allowed to enter China even before the 24:00 hour of the last date of its period of validity) provided that the granted entries on the visa have not been used up. Duration of stay is no longer useful once the period of validity expires.
  • 15. How do I extend the duration of stay of a Chinese visa?
    • Some types of visas may be extended. You may apply for extension of the duration of stay of your visa at a local public security authority at the county level and above before the expiration of your stay. Overstay will violate the law of China and will result in punishment.