China work visa (Z Visa) is required for foreigners by the Immigration Department before taking up any sort of employment in China.

 Z visa is a temporary work visa issued by the Chinese consulate to enable foreigner employee to enter China to complete the real process of work permit and residence permit. Z visa is valid for only 30 days from the date of entry, during which you and your sponsoring employer must apply for the Work Permit and the Residence Permit for you. Please note that holders of such a Z visa can only work for the company sponsoring the visa. If you get caught working for any other company in any form, you may face having the visa revoked and risks being deported.

Our company mainly provides work visa services including application, extension or transition.

If you are abroad and plan to work in China; if you already had an offer from a Chinese company, you can check more information for 首次申请.

If you are working in China already and want to extend your work permit, you can check more information for Work Visa Renewal.

If you plan to change your employer, you will need to apply for your work permit and update your resident permit again. For more information you can check 工签转移.