We support you to extend your work permit and resident permit with the same employer.

For new work permit applicants or applicants who need to transfer your current work permit to a new employer, please check out:

  1. First Time Application
  2. Work Permit Renewal
  3. Work Permit Transition

Processing steps

  1. Confirm plan
  2. Collect documents
  3. Review documents
  4. Apply for work permit
  5. Apply for resident permit
  6. Collect your visa at Exit and Entry Administration
  7. Update your resident permit

Documents you need to provide:

  • Original Passport and valid visa (visa better still valid over 30 days);
  • Current work permit (better still valid over 30 days);
  • Current resident permit
  • Applicant’s 2-inch photo within 6 months

Your employer needs to provide:

  • Applicant’s account of Service System of Foreigners Working in China
  • Official seal
  • Applicant’s new labor contract

In our experience clients routinely make some errors. These common mistakes may cause rejection. Here are some common mistakes you need to be cautious.

Name is different from passport.

Please make sure that the name on your application form is same as the one on your passport, not intials.

None or partial business, hotels and residence addresses listed in the fields.

 Please notice that you must fill in your residence addresses with real and detailed information.

Time runs out.

It takes time to process your application. Please be aware of hand in the documents with enough time. For more details please contact our consultant.

No crime records are not legalized by Chinese Consulate or Embassy in your country.

Your PCC must be legalized by Chinese Consulater or Embassy in your country, please make sure to make it legalized. If you have any quesion please contact our consultant for more information.

Academic certificate is not attached with an authenticated copy.

 Your academic certificate need to be authenticated by professional institution. Please make sure you have both original copy and the authenticated copy.

There is time gap during the working experience.

 Please notice your two year working experience should not have a time gap. Your work experience need to remain countinuely. If there is any time gap, you will need to explain your time gap, and will cause possible rejection. 

If you have any question please contact us for free consultation or check FAQ to get more information.