If you intend to change your employer, you will need to transfer your work permit to new employer and update your resident permit as well.

For new work permit applicants or applicants who need to renew your work permit, please check out:

  1. First Time Application
  2. Work Permit Renewal
  3. Work Permit Transitioin

Processing steps

  1. Confirm plan
  2. Collect documents
  3. Review documents
  4. Apply for work permit
  5. Apply for resident permit
  6. Collect your visa at Exit and Entry Administration
  7. Update your resident permit

Documents you need to provide:

  • Original Passport and valid visa (visa better still valid over 30 days);
  • Copy of no crime record within 6 months from the local police department of your current staying;
  • Copy of academic certificate (Bachelor degree at least);
  • Registration Form Of Temporary Residence;
  • Copy of health certificate within 6months;
  • Applicant’s 2-inch photo within 6 months.

Your employer needs to provide:

  • Applicant’s account of Service System of Foreigners Working in China Scanning of business license
  • Official seal
  • Applicant’s new labor contract

In our experience clients routinely make some errors. The visa rules are strict in terms of the transfer application. For example,

Further, in case you transfer job to a new different industry, the rejection rate will be much higher.

Here are some common mistakes you need to be cautious.

  • If you transfer your job to a different position in a different industry, the rejection rate will be much higher.
  • When you transfer to a company in a different city in China, you need to go to the local immigration office in the new city within 10 days (not working days) from the date when you leave the job. Failure or delay to do so will cause warning, penalties or rejection of visa application in serious case.

To avoid denial or delay of the transfer application, please contact our consultants for more information.