Based on the latest situation of Covid-19 prevention and control, starting from 3 November 2020, the Consular Department of the Commissioner’s Office are ready to accept visa applications through the Chinese Visa Application Service Center from applicants who intend to travel to China for any of the following purposes.

1. Applicant visiting China for resumption of operation and production, including for economic, trade, scientific and technological purposes.

An Invitation Letter issued by the Foreign Affairs Office of the provincial government or the provincial department of commerce of the intended place of visit is required.

2. Applicant visiting China for emergency humanitarian reasons: visiting an immediate family member in China (including parents, spouse, children, grandparents, grandchildren) who is in critical medical condition and in need of care, or arrange funeral matters of an immediate family member in China.

Photocopies of a medical certificate or death certificate, documents for hospitalization, proof of relationships (such as birth certificate, marriage certificate, Chinese household registration, certificate letters from the local police bureau in China or notarial certificate of kinship, etc.), and an invitation letter from relatives in China are required.

3. Applicant who qualifies for a crew (C) visa.

4. Applicant who qualifies for a R visa.

Also, applicant applying for a diplomatic or service visa could come directly at 9:00-12:00 on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays (public holidays excluded) to the Consular Department of the Commissioner’s Office located at China Resources Building (26 Harbour Road, Wan Chai) without prior appointment. A Note Verbale from relevant Consulate General in Hong Kong or branch office of International Organization is required.

Special Reminders:

1. The Chinese Visa Application and Service Center will open on every Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 9am to 4pm (public holidays excluded). Applicants are required to make an appointment through the official website of the Visa Application and Service Center before submitting application documents on site. Applications without a valid appointment will NOT be accepted.

Applicants for emergency humanitarian reasons who failed to make online appointments are entitled to a green passage. Please contact the Visa Application and Service Center in advance. (Tel:+852-29921999 If confirmed, those applicants can submit application directly.

2. ALL applicant is required to provide COVID-19 negative certificate tested within 72 hours and Health and Travel Record Declaration Form for Visa Application (attached below). Please take necessary pandemic prevention measures on the way and during application.

3. Due to the Pandemic, the process of approval involves more procedures, no express service will be provided. Please leave enough time for the application.

4. Please apply through the Chinese Visa Application and Service Center and its registered agencies and stay away from illegal agencies who involve in price gouging by exaggerating the difficulty for visa applications. If you encounter the above-mentioned illegal agencies, please call the police and also kindly inform the Visa Application and Service Center.


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