China: New platform for work and residence Permit application in Shenzhen

Shenzhen has launched an online platform to streamline new applications, renewals and cancellations of Work and Residence Permits. These permits can now be applied for individually or simultaneously; the latter will allow for permits to be issued after seven working days, as the system is the first to combine the responsibilities of the Foreign Expert Bureau (Work Permit) and Entry Exit Bureau (Residence Permit).

The new system also generates an SMS expiry reminder to foreign nationals, reminding them to renew their permits on time. It also automatically pushes the submitted data to the Temporary Residence Registration system, meaning foreign nationals no longer need to visit the police station to update their information.

Registration requirements:

Registration through an agent will require co-operation with the company’s official contact person as the process requires real-time log in verification codes sent to the contact person. Registration approval time is around three working days.

Steps for application:

Register on the new system (in Chinese).
Scan the QR code on the webpage and enter the foreign national’s passport number to log in.
The company contact person can do this directly when submitting files.
Online application.
Online pre-verification of files.
Online appointment for submitting physical documents.
Submit physical documents.
System issues the permits.
Physical collection of permits.
Shenzhen will continue to run both old and new systems for the time being and will likely evaluate after the initial testing phase.

This summary was prepared using information obtained from the Shenzhen Entry Exit Bureau (in Chinese).

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