What Is the Chinese Version of “International Travel Health Certificate”?

 A International Travel Health Certificate is a comprehensive certificate showing the holder’s information about the COVID-19 nucleic acid and serum antibody tests results, vaccine injection, and others. It contains an encrypted QR code for the relevant authorities in other countries to read and verify the holder’s information. Apart from the digital version, its paper version is available for travelers’ convenience.

How to Obtain It?

There are two ways to get the Chinese version of “International Travel Health Certificate”:

1. Log in WeChat and scan the QR code launched by the authority to enter the mini program. Then click “查看及出示国际旅行健康证明” and follow the instructions given. Note that you need to have your travel documents like passports and ID cards authenticated if using this mini program for the first time.
2. Search “防疫健康码国际版” in the search box of WeChat, and find the entrance for the mini program. Then click “查看及出示国际旅行健康证明” and follow the instructions given.

 Other Countries’ Efforts in Promoting “Covid Vaccine Passports”

Besides China, some other countries are also in the process of reviewing whether to introduce a kind of health certificates to facilitate domestic and international travel. The US, UK and European Union are among the countries which are considering issuing the “Covid Vaccine Passports” to those who have been vaccinated against Covid-19.

Though China’s International Travel Health Certificate is currently only applicable to its citizens who want to go abroad, we can expect more than this. With more and more countries reach mutual agreements on the recognition of such documents and vaccination results, global travel is likely to resume gradually. In the longer term, countries may standardize the health certificate and recognize it as an international travel pass.


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